CFD Test

Chinese Folk Dance (CFD) Test is created by renowned dance educator from the Beijing Dance Academy, Pan Zhitao, with dozens of experts and professors on the editing committee, including Han Ping, Zhou Ping, Tian Lu, Zhang Xiaomei, Li Jia, and Yu Xiaoxue. The material is based on 56 folk dances, taking into consideration different stages of mental and physical development of students. On 7th Augest 2016,  Auckland Dance Academy, the sole CFD Test agency in New Zealand, organized the first CFD Test. More than 100 students and 5 teachers participated in this grade examination and teaching qualification examination. 

Auckland Dance Academy is the largest Chinese dance schools and one of the largest dence schools in Australasian region.  Many types of dance including Chinese Folk Dance, Chinese Classic Dance, Latin, Ballet, Yoga and Orient Dance are set up in 5 campuses of Auckland Dance Academy. More than 400 students enroll in our school a year. We have also set up our own children artistic troupe. Our next target is holding CFD Test in Wellington, Christchurch and Hamilton. 

In the future, Auckland Dance Academy will hold CFD 1-2 times a year which offers more and more children and their parents chances to to learn and appreciate Chinese Folk Dance and Chinese Traditional Culture.