At ADA we strive to deliver a professional dance school environment where students are given the best opportunities in studying dance.

Our students develop a strong passion and energy from studying dance at ADA and every child is catered for individually.

Our students' discipline, respect, passion, drive and energy is filtered through to not only their schooling but their home life and general day to day obstacles.

ADA helps children discover their passion, appreciation and love of the arts.

Staff are all up to date with teacher training, choreography and delivering the best standards to our students.

We are not a school that just caters for fun. If parents are spending the time and money for their children to learn within the arts they should be provided with correct training from day one.

With correct training and discipline students can have their options in the arts opened to becoming a dancer, choreographer, dance administrator, school teacher specialising in dance, private studio owner, physiotherapist and any other imaginable work title within dance and the arts.

Even if your child does not follow a career path in dance they will have the wonderful life skills from their training.