Meet our Director

 "Dance is not only to create a beautiful shape and the completion of difficult movement; Dance is a vivid language and every dancer      can express her soul."

  Joanna Zhao starts professional dance training at age 11 in Shandong Academy of Arts, China. Joanna is a MA(Dan) and BA(Dan)    graduate of Beijing Dance Academy, and Associate of the Royal Academy of Dance, Registered  Tutor and Judge of Chinese Folk Dance  Testing Center.

  Joanna was a professional dancer and performed Classical Dance in China and overseas, inclusive of touring in Hong Kong, France,  Germany, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand.

  In March 2013, Joanna founded Auckland Asia Dance Academy, A school for gifted dancers to prepare for a career as a ballerina or in  other genres.

  Joanna is the Chief Representative of Chinese Folk Dance Testing Centre (New Zealand branch), organized and supervised by Ministry of  Culture, China. CFD Testing Centre is the most qualified and accepted Chinese dance syllabus worldwide as nearly 300,000 students  paticipating in the test in 30 countries annually.